Unleashing Cloud Potential with Orgfixers: A Game-Changer in Business Operations

The Client:

A large technology and telecommunications corporation. The client company business unit holds a significant market presence with a diverse customer base. Some of the offerings are including voice, data, and digital services across multiple geographies. The company is currently on the journey of transitioning from a traditional telecommunications company to a comprehensive technology company with high focus on cloud and virtual based assets in addition to their own existing datacenters and networks.

The client was grappling with several operational challenges, including the need to expand their current network deployment to satisfy their growing customer demands. The constant need to onboard a large number of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in an already running ecosystem was another hurdle. Additionally, improving efficiency and reducing time to market were critical to maintaining their industry leadership.

In order to meet their challenges, the client expected a highly capable and experienced delivery team for their cloud transformation project. A clear organizational structure with subject matter experts for every stream was required. The BU also sought the introduction of innovative steps to enhance productivity and improve delivery quality.

Primary objective of the cloud transformation was identified as to leverage the benefits of private and hybrid cloud technology based on continental data center clusters with virtualization, CI/CD, and Kubernetes & etc. It is a strategic enhancement of scalability and improvement of overall operational efficiency. The aim was to create a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure that could be managed efficiently and securely.

Thrum this transformation, the client has gained a competitive edge by improving operational efficiency, scalability, and time-to-market. The business unit in question is keen on leveraging modern cloud services and automation to drive business growth. Looking forward, this client aspires to lead the industry not only as a telecommunications provider but also as a full-fledged technology company.


The project...

In this insanely evolving technology landscape, businesses and professionals find themselves in need of digital transformation constantly. This transformation requires a shift towards more flexible, scalable, cost-effective and reliable IT infrastructure—a shift towards the cloud and general granular virtualization. As a business transformation consultancy, Orgfixers finds itself at the forefront of this paradigm shift, pushed over by the wave, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. One of our recent endeavors showcases our competency: a comprehensive cloud transformation project for a large-sized technology and telecommunications corporation. 

This corporation, a key player in the telecommunications industry, found themselves grappling with unexpected operational challenges. The need to expand the current network deployment, improve efficiency, reduce time to market, and satisfy the growing demand of their customers. Therefore there was the need for an experienced partner to navigate the transition from a traditional telco to a modern, value-oriented modernized organization. Orgfixers was initially chosen as a QA consultancy and think-tank group. However moving forward Orgfixers was asked to lead the effort and make the vision a reality. 

Our Approach: Holistic Cloud Transformation

Our strategy and approach involved a five-pronged approach that began with a detailed meticulous and thorough assessment of the client’s existing infrastructure and applications. After gaining a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, we developed a tailored cloud strategy and a roadmap, ensuring all the client’s objectives were reflected and accounted for to the extent possible. The next step was the migration and optimization of the client’s infrastructure to a cloud-based environment (including virtualization of existing server pools, integrating VBlock’s by VMware, Multi-cloud Integration and many more. Our team ensured a seamless execution with minimal disruption to business and customers. The infrastructure was re-architected for scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency, with robust security measures put in place including automatic hardening, policy as code, minimum version requirements, blueprinting, compliance & etc.

Simultaneously, we worked on modernizing the client’s existing applications to cloud-native container based microservice technology. By leveraging the power of cloud services, we improved performance, scalability, and maintainability, thereby enhancing overall productivity. 

Adding to the client’s processes, we implemented DevOps practices and automated numerous tasks. Infrastructure provisioning (IaC, Git, Version control) , configuration management, and CI/CD pipelines were automated, leading to faster time-to-market and increased agility and security. Subsequently our team established comprehensive monitoring and alerting to identify and resolve issues proactively. We continued to optimize cloud resources and provide ongoing support to maximize the benefits of this environment.

The Outcome: Extreme Efficiency and Scalability

By using our expert guidance, project management, and technical expertise, the client achieved a successful cloud transformation achieving a result surpassing the initial objectives. Thrum innovative steps, we managed to significantly enhance the productivity and the delivery quality. Our team and industrialized delivery model were able to tackle the large volume of activities within the scope and budget.

Our efforts enabled the client to leverage the benefits of private and hybrid cloud technology based on continental data center clusters. This transformation resulted in enhanced scalability, cost savings, and improved operational efficiency.

At Orgfixers, we continue to aid businesses in their digital journeys. Whether it’s cloud transformation, process optimization, or innovation in delivery, our group is equipped and ready to drive your business towards a more productive, efficient, and successful future.

Empower your business with Orgfixers.

Some Numbers:

MetricsDescriptionPercentage or Value
Application PerformanceIncrease in speed and responsiveness40% Increase
System UptimeDecrease in system downtime60% Decrease
Manhours SavedManhours saved annually through automation30000 Manhours
Operational EfficiencyEfficiency gain through modernization of applications

39% Increase

IT Operational CostsYearly savings in IT operational costs

31% Savings

Capital ExpendituresAnnual savings from elimination of hardware infrastructure costs

$1.42 Million Savings

Security-Related CostsSavings from averting potential security breachesValue Not Quantified

These numbers underline the value that a strategic cloud transformation can bring to a business depending on the scale. Such a transformations not only drive efficiency and performance but also deliver substantial cost savings, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness and growth of the organization.

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