Information Security Policy

Mea360 Ltd. Information Security Policy (ISP)

Our ISP aligns with Mea360 Ltd.’s business strategy, relevant local regulations, legislation, and our contractual commitments. The primary objectives of this policy include:

  • Providing the necessary resources for the formulation and execution of an efficient Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  • Ensuring that our employees and other stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities concerning information security.
  • Making certain that information security is a priority in all our internal and external projects.
  • Reducing information security threats that might harm Mea360 Ltd., our clients, partners, and other relevant parties.
  • Guaranteeing the continuity of Mea360 Ltd.’s business operations.
  • Complying with standards, contractual obligations, and legal requirements.

This policy pertains to the entire Integrated System (IS). All Mea360 Ltd. employees must adhere to this document. Relevant external entities (clients, suppliers, partners, contractors) are also expected to familiarize themselves with sections pertinent to their involvement.

For reporting security breaches or concerns, please reach out to

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