Retail Heavyweight: How $3.5M Investment became $1.5M Annual Savings

Skyrocketed Efficiency

Transforming Cloud Operations: How We Translated $3.5M Investment into $1.5M Annual Savings

Cost Saving or profit?

We are excited to share with you a truly transformational journey we embarked upon with an online retail customer, illustrating the powerful results of strategic thinking and effective collaboration.

The challenge was significant. The retailer had an IT workforce of approx. 2000 staff in various positions from Developers, Architects to support specialists, struggling with cloud operations, leading to inefficiencies, security concerns, and spiraling costs. However, we didn’t just view it as a challenge, but as a grand opportunity for creating sustainable change.

The answer was a five-step master plan, where the creation of a dedicated Cloud Operations team played a pivotal role.

Step 1: Situation Assessment

Our first task was to conduct a analysis of the existing cloud operations. We have quickly came to know that a dedicated, skilled Cloud Operations team was required to bring a specific skillset focused on improvements in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Sadly there was none to speak of.

Step 2: Strategy Development

With a thorough understanding of their operations, we crafted a strategy for correcting said gap. Enter - Cloud Operations team of 200 members.

Step 4: Automation

Under the leadership of the newly formed Cloud Operations team, we introduced automation tools into their workflows.

Step 3: Team Building and Training

We then identified potential team members from the existing IT force and initiated a rigorous training program. In addition to that a 24/7 unit was staffed in a centralized fashion.

Step 5: Monitoring & Improvement

Our final step was setting up a robust system for monitoring cloud operations.

So what do the numbers say?

Key Metrics

After TransformationNet Change
Operational Costs$3.5 Million per year-30% ($1.5 Million saved per year)
System EfficiencyImproved by 45%+45%
App Deployment TimeReduced by 60%-60%
IT Staff Job SatisfactionIncreased by 35%+35%
InvestmentsInvestment CostReturn On Investment
Training & Team Building$1 MillionSignificant long-term savings
Automation Implementation$2 MillionReduced operational costs, improved service quality
Monitoring System$500KEnsures optimal performance, continuous improvement

All these remarkable improvements were achieved within just 18 months, leading to the project’s upfront cost paying for itself.

Is there  more? The retailer is now set to continually improve, adapt, and thrive in the highly competitive digital landscape. The journey from chaos to efficiency, from costs to savings, and from struggle to success was made possible by the dedicated Cloud Operations team, effective strategic planning, and efficient implementation. The journey to efficient cloud operations can be simplified with the right approach, strategy, and partner. And this story is a testament to it!

NDA Compliant Feedback

Orgfixers, your work has been nothing short of transformative for us. Your team's dedication, professional expertise, and focus on creating customized solutions are commendable. You have truly set us on a path of continual growth and innovation.

Thank you for making this journey not only successful but also enlightening for us. We look forward to our continued partnership as we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

CTO - Global Supply

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